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Scotch Club Wall Lamps by Marset

Scotch Club Wall Lamps by Marset

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Scotch Club Wall lamp by Marset

Design by Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah 

The warmth of the Scotch Club’s ceramics contrasts with the angles of the shade. This design follows a careful artisanal production process in which its shade is kiln-fired four times. But the Scotch Club collection isn’t just defined by ceramics. The different enamels created especially for this collection – white, terracotta and black for the outside and the brilliant white enamel or 24-carat liquid gold finishes for the inside – provide colour and texture.

This original design draws geometric sculptures and is available in pendant, wall and small ceiling light versions.

Made using a meticulous, traditional design process, the lamps are fired four times, using glazes specifically developed for this collection, and incorporate warm, high-quality materials, such as gold.

In addition, the wall version includes a metal reflector in the centre that hides the light source and multiplies reflectivity. The fixtures in this collection, whether in the suspension, ceiling or wall version, are as much geometric sculptures as they are lamps.

Ceramic diffuser in White, Terracotta or Black.
The inner part in brilliant white enamel or gold.

Light source: 2x G9 LED 2.2 W. 2x E27 LED Standard 8W.

Dimensions (cm): 

Scotch Club A 30 - Dia 30 x 9.9 d
Scotch Club A 40 - Dia 40 x 14.7 d


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