9 Easy Steps to Installing Glass Lamps by My Design Angel

9 Easy Steps to Installing Glass Lamps by My Design Angel

The transparency of glass lamps, which are combined with a simple-yet-smart design, expressed in the current age provides a touch of sophistication for any room. However, the magic of these elegantly decorative lamps for home may seem tainted by the fact that installation can be a very hectic and dreadful process.Worry not! Installing glass light fixtures may also look difficult but the truth is that anyone can do it with simple tools and a pinch of understanding. This guide by My Design Angel will give you all the details about the 9 steps you should follow to comfortably set your glass lamp. This will be a gorgeous show of brilliance in your home.

In this blog you will find:

- Pre-requisites

- How to Install Glass Lamps - Step by Step Process

- Additional Tips

- Common FAQs, Review and Testimonials

Before You Begin - Prerequisites by My Design Angel

  • Gather your tools: Find (a) a flat-head screwdriver (with which you can handle the screws), (b) pliers (optional, for gripping small parts) and a clean, dry rag/fabric.
  • Read the instructions: Yes - every product gets shipped with a device’s instruction manual. Please, spend some time remembering the precise procedures of your glass lamps as well as uncommon aspects of your lamp.
  • Prepare the workspace: Select a level and clean surface for the assembly. This helps to avoid scratches caused by sharp corners and damages of the glass parts on your luxury table lamps.

Glass Lamp

How to Install Glass Lamps - Step by Step Process by My Design Angel

  1. Collect the Base: Most lights have a base that requires screwing together various segments. Adhere to the directions, cautiously adjusting the parts and fixing the screws safely. Try not to harm the strings. 
  2. Join the Harp (discretionary): The harp is the upward metal help holding the shade. In the event that your light has a harp, screw it onto the middle post of the base, guaranteeing it's straight and secure. 
  3. Introduce the Attachment: Find the attachment, the part where the bulb fastens. Contingent upon your light, it may very well be pre-introduced or require joining it to the harp or base utilizing the given screws. Fix them solidly. 
  4. Wire the Light (if pertinent): A few lights, especially in table lamp design, have uncovered wires that should be strung through the base and harp. Adhere to the directions cautiously of the glass lamps, it should not squeeze or curve. 
  5. Append the Shade: Most glass conceals just lay on the harp or holder. If yours has a fitter ring (a metal ring that connects to the shade and the harp), delicately screw it onto the harp, guaranteeing the shade sits level and secure. 
  6. Bring in the Bulb: Pick a bulb viable with the light's attachment weightage and size limits (typically determined in the manual). Cautiously screw the bulb into the attachment, staying away from overtightening. 
  7. Test the Light: Fit the light into an electrical plug and turn on the switch. Assuming the bulb illuminates, you have effectively introduced your light! If it does not light up, unplug the lamp and take a look at the associations and guarantee the bulb is working appropriately. 
  8. Position the Light: Pick a reasonable area for your light, taking into account factors like usefulness, feel, and security. Try not to put it close to combustible materials or where it tends to be effectively pushed over. 
  9. Cleaning the Glass: Utilize a delicate, dry material to tenderly clear any fingerprints or residue off of the glass shade and base. Try not to utilize cruel synthetic compounds or rough cleaners, as they can scratch the fragile glass surface. 

Voila - you have your glass lamp up and working! Relax in the warm sparkle and the bit of refinement your new glass light adds to your space. 

Additional Tips by My Design Angel

  • Put on gloves to deal with the glassware and avoid making prints and smudges on the glass lamps.
  • Be aware of the glass shade golden ratio and its fragile nature both during installation and handling.
  • If you run into any problems while performing the job, either check the manufacturer's instructions or employ the services of a competent electrician.


The 9 given steps are easy to follow. With these steps, you can install your home decor lamps with confidence and at the same time, decorate the place both functionally and appealing. Recall that a few preparations with due care and proper approach guarantees a seamless and well-done project. To get help in selecting the perfect European lights or glass lamps for your space, visit My Design Angel.

Common FAQs, Review and Testimonials

What tools do I need to install a glass lamp?

Most likely, you have to have the screwdriver and pliers for tiny parts, while the cloth you use should be dry and clean.

Do I need to turn off the power before installing the lamp?

Absolutely! Ensure that the power line is disconnected at the circuit breaker before installing or handling any electrical items, lamp and wiring inclusive.

What type of bulb should I use?

Refer to the lamp's instruction manual for the bulb's wattage and size limitation recommendations, and ensure that the bulb conforms to the manual's requirements. In addition to LED bulbs, look for other energy efficient options and cooler operation bulbs for more savings.

My lamp shade has a fitter ring, but it doesn't screw on easily. What should I do?

Check if the ring is somewhat skewed and tenderly change it for a smoother fit. Assuming that it's as yet troublesome, counsel the manual or contact the producer for help. 

My lamp won't turn on after installation. What could be the problem?

Take a look again at all associations with guarantee they are secure. Check if the bulb is working appropriately by attempting it in another light. In the event that the issue continues, think about looking for help from a certified electrician. 

Can I install a dimmer switch with my glass lamp? 

Not all lights are viable with dimmer switches. Look at the maker's guidelines or counsel an electrician to guarantee your light is appropriate for darkening prior to making any adjustments.

How to clean a dusty glass concealment? 

Utilize a delicate, dry microfiber material to clear off residue and fingerprints tenderly. Try not to utilize brutal synthetics or rough cleaners that can scratch the glass surface. 

My light is unbalanced. What should I do?

Make sure the light is put on a level surface. Assuming the base has a flexible base, have a go at changing them for dependability. Assuming the issue continues to happen, contact the producer for help. 

I'm not comfortable installing the light myself. Should I call an electrician? 

Absolutely! A certified electrician can securely and productively install your light for you.

Where could I get extra assets on installing glass lamps? 

The producer's guidelines are your essential asset. Furthermore, online instructional exercises and recordings can offer visual direction on the establishment cycle. Keep in mind, security is principal. Assuming you are uncertain about any step, look for proficient assistance from a certified electrician.

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