Collection: Gabriella Crespi

Designer for Gubi.

Gabriella Crespi: A Centenary Celebration

A Timeless Vision Realized

  • In the year Gabriella Crespi would have turned 100, GUBI introduces the Bohemian 72 Collection, marking 50 years since its initial conception.
  • This collaboration with Archivio Gabriella Crespi captures Crespi’s artistic, bohemian vision and love of travel, blended with GUBI’s global outlook.

A Glamorous Legacy

  • Born in 1922, Crespi moved effortlessly among European royalty and Hollywood elites.
  • Her sophisticated style made her a muse to Valentino and attracted icons like Audrey Hepburn, Gianni Versace, and Hubert de Givenchy.
  • Crespi’s design aesthetic featured dualities: modernist functionality paired with baroque elements, and a balance between clean lines and sensuous curves.

Bohemian 72 Collection

  • The Bohemian 72 Collection embodies Crespi’s vision of a versatile rattan furniture family for her ‘house of the sun’.
  • It epitomizes the jet-set bohemian lounge lifestyle, combining natural materials, sculptural forms, and Eastern influences.

From Private to Public

  • Originally produced only for private clients, these designs are now available to the public for the first time.
  • GUBI has faithfully recreated these pieces from Crespi’s original drawings.
  • The collection includes a lounge chair, three-seater sofa, ottoman, and floor lamp, exemplifying Crespi’s goal of uniting indoor and outdoor living.

Crespi’s Design Philosophy

  • Crespi designed the Bohemian 72 Collection in 1972 from her Milan home, part of her broader ‘Bamboo Collection’.
  • Her designs reflect her natural elegance and rejection of mainstream fashion in favor of cultivated simplicity.
  • She was modern and daring, with a warm, human, and sensuous touch to her work.

A Lasting Tribute

  • The Bohemian 72 Collection is a testament to Crespi’s timeless influence on design.
  • It invites contemporary audiences to experience the harmony and beauty that Crespi valued.
  • As we celebrate her centenary, this reintroduction honors her spirit of innovation and her transformative impact on the design world.

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