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Embark on a journey through the exquisite realm of luxury lighting, where every beam is a brushstroke of elegance and sophistication. Transform your sanctuary with the serene glow of bedroom lighting, creating an oasis of calm and tranquility for restful nights. In the heart of your home, living room lights cast a welcoming radiance, inviting conversations and cherished moments under a canopy of warmth. Accentuate the beauty of your spaces with decorative wall lights, each piece a testament to the art of illumination, blending function with form to adorn your walls. Experience the harmony of light and luxury, where every flicker enhances the mood and elevates the ambiance of your dwelling.
Graypants is a team of problem solvers. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to diverse designs in products, architecture, and other beautiful objects around the world. Their work expands globally with collaborations and custom designs for leading companies worldwide.

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Home of Specially Curated European Designer Lighting and Accessories with exclusive brands such as Louis Poulsen, Gubi, Tom Dixon, Muuto, Bover, Marset, Contardi, Aromas Del Campo, Fontana Arte, Faro Lighting, Nemo lighting, Ferroluce, Il Fanale, 101 Copenhagem, Graypants, Hudson Valley, Ilfari, A Emotional Light amongst many others.
Here you will find the best selection of Designer Decorative European Lighting design. Browse our various categories of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions.
Our range comprises of Entrance lights, Best lights for your living room, bathroom lights, decorative wall lights and sconces, modern chandeliers, bedroom lighting, mood lighting, floor lamps, wall lamps, mirror and vanity lights and of course hanging lights and chandeliers.