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At the end of 1996, Joana Bover founded a small lighting workshop in Barcelona. The company is the result of sketches drawn on a napkin and a paper tablecloth in a Fonda (*). Currently, a team of renowned designers and architects, both national and international, has joined Joana to share their knowledge and trend perspective to create new lighting experiences. Designed globally so that they can be part of the natural environment for anyone, anywhere in the world. In 2012, she founded BOVER USA in the heart of New York. Later, she relocated the American branch to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, where it has grown and consolidated its presence in the American market. BOVER USA has a showroom, office, and warehouse at its headquarters, from where they provide service and customer support for the USA & Canada. Despite the company's continuous growth, Joana Bover has maintained the pursuit of her original vision: warm light, handmade products, a mix of color, design, and timelessness. Bover combines Mediterranean culture with the knowledge of artisan crafts and the quest for balance between product quality and value. Currently, Joana Bover is the Art and Product Director of BOVER. (*) Fonda is a roadside restaurant that in the past offered meals and rooms in a homely environment that provided warmth and shelter to walkers and travelers. Today, Fondas still offer a welcoming and timeless appearance.
Designer for Bover Barcelona.
The importance of lighting design in enhancing the aesthetic and functional quality of living spaces is undeniable. By incorporating Decorative Ceiling Lamps, Fancy Ceiling Lights for Home, and Bedroom Wall Lamps, lighting design plays a crucial role in setting the mood, defining the ambiance, and elevating the overall experience of a space. Decorative ceiling lamps not only illuminate from above but also act as statement pieces that reflect personal style and creativity. Fancy ceiling lights for home introduce an element of luxury and sophistication, transforming everyday spaces into lavish environments. Meanwhile, bedroom wall lamps offer a more intimate and focused source of light, perfect for reading or unwinding, thereby enhancing the comfort and functionality of private retreats. Effective lighting design, through the careful selection of these elements, can dramatically alter the perception of a space, making it feel larger, warmer, or more inviting, proving that the right light can turn a house into a home.

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