Collection: The Colourful Chamber Room

A Colourful Chamber Home bursts with vibrancy and energy, each room a canvas painted with bold hues and dynamic patterns, illuminated to perfection with Decorative Wall Lamps, Decorative Ceiling Lights, and Bedside Wall Lamps. These lighting elements are the jewels that enhance the rich tapestry of colors, casting light that reveals the depth and texture of each shade. Decorative wall lamps add an extra layer of warmth and complexity, their glow highlighting the nuances of the wall colors and decor. Overhead, decorative ceiling lights serve as statement pieces, their designs echoing the eclectic and spirited nature of the home, while ensuring that the vibrant space is bathed in bright, cheerful light. By the bedside, wall lamps offer a more intimate illumination, their soft light perfect for winding down, yet still reflecting the playful and bold character of the room. In a Colourful Chamber Home, lighting is not just functional; it is an essential component of the decor, celebrating and enhancing the joyous explosion of color that defines the space.This house has been curated by the Design Angels to offer you a quick selection for your project. 
The inspiration for this room came from a very happy place. Almost like a rainbow room with bits and bobs to always put a smile on your face. A whimsical hideaway room with laughter always. An ideal childrens room in our minds. 
Giggle. Chuckle. Smile. Always. 
We love the Lariat Suspension Lamp by Ferroluce.

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