Christmas Light Ideas

Christmas Light Ideas

No matter where you call home, outside, the strands of twinkling lights let us know it’s that time of year again—holiday time. Trees strapped to car roofs, the first snow and bright, sparkling lights in every shade. Yep, it’s December and this year we hope you make it a bright one. 


“Outdoor holiday lighting does not need to consist of traditional string lights,” we say. “We love the look of larger bulbs to create a unique and whimsical look.” Lights with festive dangling details, like reindeer or gingerbread men, can add a fun, whimsy, too.


When it comes to bulb colors, there are more options than you can shake a cinnamon stick at. From rainbow, to cool blue LED to a warm, creamy glow—your choice all depends on your style. The creamy amber glow of a white bulb feels classic and cozy. These bulbs give off a warm, flattering light that never steals focus from your holiday set up. For energy conservation, check out the warm LED white lights. 


A strand of simple lights—up your home’s gabled peaks, along the rooflines, and across the porch—show off your home’s architectural elements for a clean and bright look. But these aren’t the only strands you’ll want illuminating your exterior. Simple layers of lights add instant interest and mood. Add porch lanterns (lit with electronic candles) of varying sizes, a strand of lights in mini trees or in the fresh garland on your porch, and be sure there’s a clear view through the windows to any other layers of lights inside, lining the mantel or decorating the tree.


Once your main lights are in place, feel free to add a few dainty pops in your space. Fairy string lights are stunning in their delicate look and amber glow. “Wrap these lights around anything in your home, such as a large mirror or feature them in a vase or apothecary jar.”

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