Contemporary wall light ideas for a living room

Contemporary wall light ideas for a living room

Bridging the gap between ceiling lights and table lamps, contemporary wall lights for living rooms are a crucial part of layering a scheme, working to make your spaces feel cosier and bigger.

Not only that, but they can be used to cleverly highlight architectural features and cherished artworks, while the boldest designs can be iconic masterpieces in their own right. Better still, they can help to zone rooms, whether marking out a reading corner or a bar area. In particular, a living room requires layers of lights for dialling up and down the ambience as and when required, from entertaining guests to reading a book and watching TV.

Here, we explore how you can embrace contemporary wall lights for living rooms, along with plenty of bright ideas. 

Use lighting to highlight a feature

From panelling to artwork, directional lighting can shine a whole new light on the things you love most about a space, so consider contemporary wall lights to bring out architectural features and cherished belongings.

Use lighting to create a cosy corner or dedicated reading nook 

Despite what you may think, it’s not only a strategically-placed floor light or table lamp that can help to create a dedicated reading nook. In fact, wall lights can be your best friend when it comes to a cosy corner, so long as the style is adjustable for directing the light to assist with turning the pages of your next big read.

You can either stick with the same style you have elsewhere in the space or opt for something altogether different if your corner is in a secluded part of the room to designate it as a separate zone.

Use lighting to make a statement

Unusual contemporary wall lights can be used to make a splash without the need for anything else. Look to statement designs, noteworthy finishes and interesting features for something that will really pop on the wall and make for a talking point in your living room.

More tips and ideas for lighting in your contemporary living room

1 Consider the colour for contemporary wall lights indoors, from black and grey to white and glass. Black adds an industrial element; grey is a versatile and timeless shade for any space; white makes rooms feel modern; and glass adds a touch of glamour. 

2 Invest in multiples of the same style throughout your living room to create a consistent and coherent theme.  

3 Ditch a central ceiling light in favour of wall lights. They will make the ceiling look higher – a clever trick of the eye – as long as the light is directed upwards to cast a vertical glow. Install the lights higher up the wall than you usually would, too. 

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