Lighting a Beach Side Home with Bover Lights

Lighting a Beach Side Home with Bover Lights

Designing lighting for a beachside home presents a unique opportunity to blend functional illumination with the relaxed and breezy atmosphere of coastal living. Bover Lighting, known for its contemporary designs, can contribute to creating a coastal-chic ambiance. Here's a guide on designing lighting for a beachside home using fixtures from Bover:

**1. Outdoor Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Garota Outdoor Pendant
  • Why: The Bover Garota Outdoor Pendant features a woven shade resembling a fisherman's net, providing a nautical touch. Install these pendants on outdoor patios, decks, or entryways to evoke the coastal charm. The weather-resistant materials ensure durability in beachside environments.

**2. Living Room Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Fora Table Lamp
  • Why: The Bover Fora Table Lamp, with its natural wood frame and fabric shade, adds warmth to the living room. Place these lamps on side tables to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The open design complements the airy feel of beachside living.

**3. Dining Area Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Drip/Drop Pendant
  • Why: The Bover Drip/Drop Pendant, with its cascading droplet design, resembles water droplets, adding a touch of coastal elegance. Hang a cluster of these pendants above the dining table to create a focal point. The diffused light enhances the dining experience while maintaining a relaxed ambiance.

**4. Kitchen Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Dome Pendant
  • Why: The Bover Dome Pendant, with its minimalist design and available in various finishes, is ideal for kitchen islands. Its clean lines and understated elegance complement the beachside aesthetic. Choose metallic finishes for a touch of sophistication.

**5. Bedroom Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Tau Wall Sconce
  • Why: The Bover Tau Wall Sconce, with its cylindrical shade and diffused light, is perfect for bedside lighting. Install these sconces on either side of the bed to create a serene and calming atmosphere. The combination of wood and fabric adds a touch of coastal luxury.

**6. Bathroom Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Elipse Wall Sconce
  • Why: The Bover Elipse Wall Sconce, with its elliptical design and opal glass diffuser, provides soft and even illumination. Install these sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror for functional and stylish lighting. The simple yet elegant design complements a beachside bathroom.

**7. Outdoor Path Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Amphora Outdoor Floor Lamp
  • Why: The Bover Amphora Outdoor Floor Lamp, with its amphora-inspired shape, serves as both a lighting fixture and outdoor decor. Place these lamps along pathways or outdoor seating areas to guide the way and create a cozy, inviting ambiance.

**8. Entryway Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Dome Outdoor Pendant
  • Why: The Bover Dome Outdoor Pendant, with its durable materials and coastal-inspired design, is suitable for entryways. Hang these pendants near the entrance to welcome guests with a touch of seaside charm.

**9. Accent Lighting:

  • Fixture: Bover Lua Outdoor Floor Lamp
  • Why: The Bover Lua Outdoor Floor Lamp, with its bamboo structure and ambient light, serves as a decorative accent. Place these lamps strategically in outdoor lounge areas or garden spaces to add a touch of coastal flair during evening gatherings.

**10. Integrated Lighting Control:

  • Technology: Bover Smart Lighting Systems
  • Why: Consider incorporating Bover's smart lighting systems for convenient control of your lighting environment. This allows you to adjust the intensity and color temperature of the lights, creating different moods throughout the day and evening.

When designing lighting for a beachside home with Bover Lighting fixtures, aim for a cohesive look that captures the essence of coastal living. Embrace natural materials, soft colors, and fixtures that evoke the serenity of the seaside. Additionally, consider the versatility and durability of outdoor fixtures, ensuring they can withstand the coastal elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Collaborating with a lighting designer can help tailor the choices to suit the specific needs and aesthetics of your beachside residence.

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