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Lighting Store near me

Light, such as ceiling lights for home, are very useful in creating the ultimate atmosphere for your home. It can set up the mood, be the focal point of the room, or be the perfect accent - but finding the right one can be confusing. If you are tired of searching lighting stores near me, we have put together this guide to the best lighting stores like My Design Angel that will help you choose the right fixtures.

Understanding the Importance of Lighting

You can buy from the first search that appears after you google “lighting stores near me” - however, you need to be aware of the importance of lighting as an aspect of interior design. Lighting is directed at two goals, one is practical and the other is aesthetic, which serve two different functions: leaving spaces sufficiently lighted for different activities to occur, and contributing to the entire atmosphere and mood. 

European Lights

Finding the Right Lighting Store - My Design Angel

Before you can begin shopping from lighting stores near me, think about your needs and your budget. Do you need task lighting or ambient lighting? Ambient, task, or accent - which fixture, such as ceiling light or pendant light designs are used? How much can you afford to pay for it? If you now know what your needs are, you can turn to the next step - that is choosing from existing options. Great stores like My Design Angel know each kind plays a very fundamental role in space programming and can guide you best.

How Choosing My Design Angel is Better Than Searching “lighting stores near me”

My Design Angel is the perfect lighting stores near me spot for design lovers and those who wish to attract a cozier atmosphere in their homes. How? Let’s tell you!

  • A Passion for Design: The story of our brand, My Design Angel starts with the founders' travel across Europe. The EU is full of unique and outstanding details of art and craftsmanship which impressed us greatly. Our founders brought leading Scandinavian design brand Muuto into India and since then My Design Angel has been unstoppable!
  • A World of Lighting: Discover the lighting fixtures of My Design Angel, and you will enter a world that is beyond imagination! Varying from chic chandeliers and pendant lights to modern sconces and show lights for home, there is something you can match with each preference. “The store brings to its customers some well-known brands from Europe as Muuto, Bolia, and LZF, the latter two which are distinguished by their innovative designs and use of high-quality materials.
  • Beyond Lighting: Rather than lighting being just about the most prominent feature at My Design Angel - the best lighting stores near me spot, we also offer a hand-picked collection of furniture and home decor goods. Choose from furniture, sculpture, amongst others, all finely made with the same principles of design and quality that define the lighting range.
  • More Than Just Products: My Design Angel, unlike other online lighting stores, is about providing a service. Our store has a staff with a deep know-how of design and they are very passionate about it. And that’s why they can assist you to choose the right pieces of furniture to create the home of your dreams. They serve as a team of professionals who will guide you on lighting options, space planning, as well as interior design and thus your house will reflect your individual style.

Why Choose My Design Angel?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose My Design Angel for your lighting and home decor needs apart from a lighting stores near me option:

  • Unmatched Selection: Discover the variety of european lights, furniture and home decor collections from top brands.
  • Expert Guidance: Create your own home lighting plan with the guidance of the specialty store's knowledgeable staff.
  • Commitment to Quality: The items designed with the best quality materials and workmanship are available from My Design Angel.
  • Convenience: We provide hassle-free shipping under the India postal network and more for an uncomplicated shopping experience.

Tips for Shopping for Lighting

  • Bring Inspiration: Revisit lighting options by getting ideas from a variety of sources including magazines, online galleries, as well as Pinterest. It is helpful to have a general idea of the styles, colors, and designs you like.
  • Consider the Scale: Lighting is all about scale. Measure the spots for placing the fixtures and visualize how they are going to fit into your room's dimensions to make sure they blend in.
  • Think About the Bulbs: For your bulbs' selection, pay attention to brightness, color temperature, and energy efficiency. A warm soft light, like luxury table lamps, is perfect for a cozy place, an office or kitchen, on the other hand you may need a cooler tone if it’s a task-oriented area.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Mix and Match: Make a creative use of imagination like My Design Angel by combining several lighting fixtures to your space. Mixing up patterns and layering different textures creates a vibrant and individual style that reflects your unique taste. 
  • Get Professional Help: If you are confused about your lighting system, do not think twice to address the matter to a lighting designer. Exhibiting qualities such as great understanding of the subject, commercial observations, and gorgeous lighting design can make these experts an invaluable resource for your space. Any general lighting stores near me store can lack this aspect.

Pendant lights


Shopping from lighting stores near mecan be an uninformed decision. With help of these guidelines, one gets the confidence to shop from the best - My Design Angel, knowing that they are equipped with information to make sound judgments so as to illuminate your place in style. Visit My Design Angel and explore the road of design discovery. Let our team be the ones to help you turn your house into the home that really looks like you and best represents you.


  • How can thoughtful consideration of lighting enhance my living or working experience?
  • Attention to lighting design may change your world - use it for whatever you want to do and feel. With the correct lighting design, you can achieve most of your desired task, select some detailed decorations or look for a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Can mixing different types of lighting fixtures create a dynamic and personalized look?
  • Yes, it is correct! Mixing various types of lighting fixtures, for example, decorative lights for ceiling, sconces, floor lamps and recessed lighting, will bring more dynamism and depth to your space. You can have various experiences with different styles and textures available to you to develop the lighting plan of your own. This will express your personal likes and style.

  • How can I ensure that the lighting fixtures I choose are proportionate to my space?
  • To choose the right sizing of the lighting fixtures, one needs to know how each fixture will look in a particular room. Therefore, one needs to measure the dimensions of the room and visualize how wall lights are going to fit in it. It is advisable not to select fixtures that are too small and will be eaten up by a large space, or too large and end up overpowering a little room.

  • Is it essential to consider the type of bulbs used in lighting fixtures?
  • Yes, the kind of bulbs used in lights can indeed make a big difference when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere in the room. Many factors are needed to be considered when choosing the bulbs such as brightness, color temperature and energy efficiency. Warm, soft light establishes a cozy feeling, and cool light is chosen for the task areas.

    • What are the benefits of seeking professional help from a lighting designer and not choosing “lighting stores near me”?

    A lighting designer is capable of giving valuable contributions and advice in accordance with specific needs and show lights for home. They will make sure that your lighting design is both practical and meets aesthetic preferences.

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