Scandinavian light

Scandinavian light

Nordic people have a special relationship with light due to the nightless nights in the summer and dark winters. The changing natural light has made Scandinavian lighting designers experts on practical yet beautiful lamps. Many of the world’s most prominent lighting designers come from Scandinavia. 

In Scandinavian homes lamps are not much used between spring and early autumn. The natural light coming through the large windows is often enough for general lighting. During this time of the year lamps become almost merely design objects without a lighting function. This is why the form and the look of the unlit lamps is so important. Lamps have to be beautiful objects on their own, even without light.

In the fall, lamps are switched on more often. In the darkest time in December, when the sun is barely seen above the horizon, the abundance of artificial light might be overwhelming, unless the lamps are skillfully designed. The best Scandinavian lighting fixtures create a cosy light around them. They don’t blind the viewer, just give the right amount of harmonious light where it is needed.

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