Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Wall Lights | My Design Angel

Creating the Perfect Bedroom with Wall Lights | My Design Angel

When you pick wall lights for parts of your home like bedrooms, living rooms, etc., you need to think about the  looks and how they work. First, look at what your sleep room feels like. Is it more up to date and bare, or is it old and warm? Let My Design Angel, a perfect end to your search of “lighting stores near me”, guide you to the decorative wall lights that will fit best with your personal and your room's style.

The Fun of Wall Lights by My Design Angel

Make your bedroom a cozy place to rest with cool wall lights. Also, think about why you need the lights. Are they to light up the whole room or to see a few things? If you need light all over, pick the perfect wall light design by My Design Angel that has a big power or more than one bulb. If you need light to read or do work, look for lights you can move or the ones that have a part to read with. 

Also, think about how big the designer wall lights should be. Measure your wall and make sure the lights you get are right for how big your sleep room is. Too big lights make a small room feel too full, and small lights cannot be seen well in a big room.

Bedroom wall light

Where to Put Wall Lights

Where you place the right wall lights, it will change how your sleep room feels. Here are some hints to set up your decorative lights on wall well:

  1. Lights by the Bed: Put lights on each side of your bed for a look that's even. These will give you light to read or do other tasks with clear lighting.
  2. Light for Special Spots: Use lights to show off parts of your sleep room, like art, a bold wall, or the build of the room. Put the lights a bit up or down from the spot for a cool view.
  3. Many Kinds of Light: Mix wall lights with other lights, like ones on the roof or lamps, to give many layers to how the room feels. This makes your sleep room look deep.
  4. Stop Brightness: Put the lights so they do not shine in your eyes. This will make sure the light is easy on your eyes and looks nice.

Setting the Mood with Dimmers

According to the experts at My Design Angel, Dimmer switches make any sleep room with wall lights better. You can change how bright the lights are to make the mood you want. Here is why dimmers are good with luxury wall lights:

  1. Rest and Sleep: Making the lights dim at night tells your body it's time to slow down and sleep. Low lights make a calm place for a good rest.
  2. Control for Work Lights: With dimmers, you can make the lights brighter when you need clear light for reading or getting ready. This helps you have just enough light when you need it.
  3. Saves Power: Dim lights use less power and make your electric bill less. Dimming also makes bulbs last longer because they don't get as hot.

Tips for Placing Wall Lights in Your Bedroom by My Design Angel

Wall lights are not just for seeing but also add to how your sleep room looks. Here are ways to use wall lights in your sleep room design:

  1. Big Pieces: Get lights with cool designs or shapes to stand out as big pieces in your sleep room. They can draw your eye and bring in some fun to your room.
  2. Even and Steady: Put the same lights on each side of your bed or other main spots in your room to feel even and steady. This improves how your space looks.
  3. Fit Colors and Stuff: Pick the wall light's color and stuff to match what is already in your sleep room. For example, if you have shiny yellow metal bits, get lights with that same shiny metal to look together.
  4. Use with Mirrors: Put lights close to mirrors for a light that's kind and makes the room look deeper. This mix adds to the look and also helps when putting on makeup or dressing up.

Tips for Maintaining Wall Lights by My Design Angel

To keep your Fancy wall lights nice and working well, here are some tips by My Design Angel for care:

  1. Clean Often: Dust and dirt can stick to lights and change how they look and work. Clean them a lot with a soft thing or a duster to get rid of dirt and dust.
  2. Change Bulbs: Look at your bulbs often to make sure they work right. If one is dead or jumps around, put in a new one with the right power and kind.
  3. Look at Wires and Parts: Make sure the parts and wires of your lights are tight and in good shape. Bad wires can be risky and stop the lights from working.
  4. Ask a Pro: If you have any problems with your lights or if they need a big clean or fix, talk to someone who knows about electric stuff or lights, most preferably a certified electrician. They know how to fix any problem with your lights.

European Lights

To End

Wall lights can change your sleep room into a warm place that invites you in. By picking the right lights, putting them in the right spot, and using dimmers, you can set the feel of the room to what you like. Think about the looks and why you need the lights when you choose them. Aim for the right size lights for your space. Follow tips for putting them to make the right feel and dodge bright spots. And do not forget to put in dimmers to take charge of how bright they are and make a calm mood. 

With these ideas and our European lights or wall lights, your sleep room can turn into a warm, cozy place where you can let go, rest, and love your own space. With My Design Angel, this goal is easily attainable. Check out a varied range of lights and pick the best for you from our online lighting stores - visit My Design Angel.

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