Cast Lamp by Audo

Cast Lamp by Audo

🌟 Cast Lamp by Audo: A Fusion of Geometry and Purposeful Design

Embark on a journey into the world of design brilliance with the Cast Sconce Wall Lamp by Audo, a collaborative creation by industrial designer Tom Chung and furniture and product designer Jordan Murphy. This lamp is not merely an illuminating fixture; it's a symphony of form, function, and thoughtful craftsmanship.

🎨 Design Duo: Tom Chung and Jordan Murphy: Tom Chung, the industrial designer with a keen focus on material, objects, and space, established his studio in 2015. Jordan Murphy, a furniture and product designer, brings technical insight and curiosity to the creation of simple and thoughtful objects. Together, they form a powerhouse of design innovation.

🔺 Triangular, Linear, and Round Elements: The Cast Sconce Wall Lamp stands as a testament to the harmonious union of triangular, linear, and round elements. Its sophisticated silhouette is purposeful and exudes presence. Whether illuminated or not, the geometric form of the lamp contributes to the ambiance of a room, creating a visual impact that transcends traditional lighting.

💡 Functional Illumination with Dimmer Control: The LED light within the Cast Lamp is not just a source of illumination; it's a customizable experience. Controlled by a dimmer switch on the cord, users have the power to adjust the light intensity to suit various moods and occasions. This thoughtful feature enhances the lamp's versatility and adaptability to different living, working, and commercial spaces.

🛋️ Seamless Integration into Room Design: Crafted with precision, the Cast Lamp features a thoughtfully designed brushed brass arm, cast aluminum shade, and corresponding mounting plate. This engaging form seamlessly assimilates into the design of any room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The lamp, with its distinct identity, can be a beautiful complement to other pendants from the same collection or stand comfortably on its own.

⚙️ Non-Adjustable Mounting: An aspect of practicality comes with the Cast Lamp, as it cannot be adjusted once mounted. Users are advised to ensure the correct shade angle before attaching it to a wall. This functional limitation does not compromise the lamp's overall appeal, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful planning during installation.

🌌 Inspiration from Cast Metal Objects: The Cast Pendant, a companion to the wall lamp, draws inspiration from functional cast metal objects and the graphic qualities of traditional plumb weights. This collection, rendered in various shapes, embodies MENU's philosophy of soft minimalism and quiet tactility. Whether hung individually or clustered into a striking installation, the Cast Pendant adds versatility and artistry to any space.

In conclusion, the Cast Lamp by Audo, designed collaboratively by Tom Chung and Jordan Murphy, transcends traditional lighting. With its geometric elegance, purposeful illumination, and seamless integration into diverse settings, it stands as a beacon of design innovation, marrying form and function in a symphony of soft minimalism and quiet tactility.

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