Confetti Lamp by Faro

Confetti Lamp by Faro

Eco-conscious lighting with CONFETTI, a collection of pendant lamps designed by Nutcreatives for Faro Spain. 🌍  

  Recycled Plastic light from Europe

🎨 Designer: Nutcreatives - Àlex Jiménez: Nutcreatives, led by Àlex Jiménez, is a product design and eco-innovation studio that thrives on creating products as systems, incorporating sustainability, ecological transparency, and social aspects into the design process. Their work spans various sectors, including real estate, urban furniture, lighting, and environmental consulting, reflecting a commitment to a holistic approach to design.

💚 Eco-Friendly Innovation: CONFETTI is a testament to eco-innovation, featuring pendant lamps with shades made from recycled plastic sourced from bottle caps. The lampshades are produced locally in Valencia, aligning with Nutcreatives' dedication to sustainability and local economic development. The collection stands out as a modern and environmentally conscious solution for interior lighting.

💡 Versatility in Design:

  • Wall, Ceiling, or Pendant Versions: CONFETTI comes in versatile forms – wall, ceiling, or pendant versions – making it an ideal lighting choice for both homes and cafes. Its adaptability allows you to create visually striking installations on ceilings and walls, turning them into vibrant islands of light.


🌈 Multi-Color Lighting: CONFETTI doesn't just illuminate; it captivates with its multi-color options. The recycled plastic shades add a playful touch, creating a visually appealing interplay of light and color. Available in both 30 cm diameter and 45 cm diameter with a height of 7 cm, CONFETTI allows you to customize your lighting experience.

🌿 Materials:

  • Recycled Plastic Diffuser: The diffuser of CONFETTI is made from recycled plastic, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly design.
  • Aluminium Frame: The frame, crafted from aluminum, complements the eco-conscious ethos of the collection.

🏠 Minimalist Design for Every Space: CONFETTI's pendant lamp, with its minimalist design, serves as an ideal choice to illuminate tables, living rooms, or kitchens. The visible bulb enhances brightness, making it both a stylish and practical lighting solution for various spaces.

🌟 Bright and Visible Bulb: The design philosophy behind CONFETTI ensures that the bulb takes center stage, becoming a key element in the overall aesthetic. The bright and visible bulb adds a touch of contemporary flair to the collection.

🌱 Environmental Sustainability by Faro Barcelona: Faro Barcelona, the brand behind CONFETTI, is committed to environmental sustainability. The collection exemplifies their dedication to environmentally friendly products and production solutions, aligning with the global shift towards more responsible and eco-conscious practices.


Explore the CONFETTI collection and discover a world where lighting meets eco-innovation. Embrace modern design with a conscience, and bring vibrant, sustainable illumination into your spaces. Check out the other lamps in the collection for a complete eco-friendly lighting experience. 💡🌈 

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