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Graypants' Dome Pendant Lamp: Transforming Waste into Elegance

In the pursuit of sustainable design, Graypants introduces the Dome Pendant Lamp, a masterpiece crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard. Born from a material once deemed waste, the Dome lamp embodies Graypants' commitment to environmental responsibility while exuding timeless elegance and functionality. Available in three generic colors—White, Natural brown cardboard, and Blonde—the Dome lamp stands as a testament to the beauty that can emerge from repurposed materials.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The Scraplights range, including the Dome lamp, utilizes recycled corrugated cardboard transformed into statement lighting pieces. The Scraplights White series, made from custom-made entirely white corrugated cardboard, elevates the layered cardboard aesthetic to new heights. Precision-cut by advanced machinery and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, the Dome lamp showcases pristine, white edges—a radical departure from traditional designs.

Versatility and Functionality

The Dome Pendant Lamp is not just a lighting fixture but a work of art suitable for various settings. Whether adorning residential spaces or commercial environments, its warm, intimate glow adds a touch of sophistication. From small table lamps to floor lamps and wall lamps, the Dome lamp complements diverse interior designs, offering both form and function.

Expanding the Classic Series

The Dome lamp expands Graypants' classic series, combining the layered cardboard aesthetic with a steel frame and a frosted glass diffuser. This innovative design provides excellent top and bottom lighting, making it perfect for large spaces like lobbies and conference rooms. The Dome's half-Sun32 design, coupled with an expansive diffuser, ensures optimal illumination for any open office space.

Dimensions and Specifications

The Dome Pendant Lamp boasts impressive dimensions, suitable for making a statement in any room. With a diameter of Ø 36 inches and a height of 20 inches (Ø 92 cm diameter and 50 cm height in EU), it commands attention while providing ample lighting. Available in two color finishes—Natural brown or White—the Dome lamp offers flexibility to suit diverse interior palettes.

Light Source and Maintenance

Equipped with a max 3x15W LED light source, the Dome lamp delivers efficient illumination while minimizing energy consumption. Designed for use in dry locations, maintenance is simple—clean with a dry duster or compressed air to preserve its pristine appearance. Shades are handmade, non-toxic, and manufactured using responsible practices, reflecting Graypants' commitment to quality and sustainability.

Eco Friendly large sustainable ceiling lamp for Study Area, Library ceiling lightEco Friendly large sustainable ceiling lamp for Study Area, Library ceiling light

In conclusion, Graypants' Dome Pendant Lamp epitomizes the union of sustainability, elegance, and functionality. By transforming recycled materials into exquisite lighting fixtures, Graypants not only reduces environmental impact but also inspires a new appreciation for eco-conscious design. With its timeless appeal and versatility, the Dome lamp illuminates spaces with both beauty and purpose, enriching interiors while upholding ecological standards.

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