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Eco friendly Lighting

Drum Pendant Lamps: Illuminating Sustainability with Style

In a world where eco-consciousness meets exquisite design, Graypants' Scraplights collection emerges as a shining beacon of innovation. Crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard, once discarded as waste, these Drum Pendant Lamps now illuminate spaces with a warm glow and a touch of elegance. Let's delve into the eco-friendly brilliance of the Drum Pendant Lamps:

Recycle light. Recycled ceiling lamps

🌟 Recycling Brilliance:

  • Transformative Design: Scraplights transform recycled corrugated cardboard into stunning statement pieces, elevating waste into works of art.
  • Colorful Diversity: Available in three striking colors - White, Natural Brown, and the newest addition, Blonde - each Drum Pendant Lamp boasts its own unique charm and character.

🔍 Precision Craftsmanship:

  • Handcrafted Excellence: From precision laser cutting to meticulous hand assembly, each Drum Pendant Lamp embodies Graypants' commitment to quality craftsmanship.
  • Non-Toxic Treatments: Treated with non-toxic fire retardants and adhesive, these lamps prioritize safety and sustainability without compromising on style.

💡 Functional Versatility:

  • Varied Range: From small table lamps to floor lamps and beautiful Wabi Sabi Pendant designs, Scraplights offer versatile lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces alike.
  • Warm Illumination: Whether adorning cozy corners or illuminating expansive lobbies, Drum Pendant Lamps provide warm, intimate lighting that enhances any environment.

🏡 Stylish Adaptability:

  • Design Harmony: With styles ranging from minimalistic to boho-chic, Scraplights seamlessly merge with diverse interior aesthetics, including modern, contemporary, and earthy retro.
  • Room Compatibility: Whether it's a simple bedroom or a bustling commercial space, Drum Pendant Lamps effortlessly complement any interior setting with their premium feel and wonderful shapes.

White texture pattern wooden ceiling light white. White hanging lampsbrown texture pattern wooden ceiling light white. wood hanging lamp

🎨 Drum Pendant Lamps:

  • Flagship Elegance: Handcrafted from recycled cardboard, Graypants' Drum Pendant Lamps epitomize sophistication and sustainability.
  • Frame Pendant Design: Combining the classic layered cardboard aesthetic with a steel frame and frosted glass diffuser, these Drum Pendant Lamps provide excellent top and bottom lighting for large spaces.



📐 Specifications:

  • Material: Recycled corrugated cardboard (Fire Retardant) & Glass diffuser
  • Available Finishes: Blonde, Natural Brown, or White
  • Sizes: Diameter 18/24/36 inches
  • Recommended Bulb: Max 15W LED x3, E27, 220V, 2700K

In essence, Drum Pendant Lamps illuminate not only spaces but also a commitment to sustainability, versatility, and timeless design. With their fusion of eco-friendly materials and elegant aesthetics, these lamps invite us to light up our lives with both brilliance and responsibility.

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