Hashira by Audo CPH

Hashira by Audo CPH

🌟 Hashira Collection by Audo: A Modern Nordic Ode to Japanese Elegance

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Step into the world of design brilliance with the Hashira Collection by Norm Architects for Audo, where modern Nordic aesthetics pay homage to the traditional Japanese rice paper lantern. Norm Architects, specializing in residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, and art direction, brings a unique blend of timeless aesthetics and natural materials to this collection.

🏠 Designer Profile: Norm Architects: Norm Architects, known for their emphasis on drawing inspiration from norms and traditions within architecture and design, particularly Scandinavian design principles, reflect a commitment to timeless aesthetics and natural materials. Their multidisciplinary approach encompasses residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, and art direction.

🌌 Cluster Light Elegance: The Hashira Collection introduces a trio of pendants suspended from a black textile cord, creating a captivating cluster light. This design brings forth understated luxury and calm to interior spaces, blending seamlessly with the collection's other designs. Available in two sizes—small and large—it's a versatile addition, perfect for hotel lobbies, office receptions, or home dining rooms.

🏮 Japanese Paper Lantern Inspiration: The Hashira Collection takes inspiration from Japanese paper lanterns, infusing a modern Nordic twist into their design. The portable Hashira Lamp delivers ambient lighting on the go, providing a warm glow and subtle tactility to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Fitted with a concealed USB charger socket at the base, this lamp offers 10 hours of adjustable light when fully charged, providing flexibility and mobility.

🌈 Hashira High Floor Lamp: The Hashira High Floor Lamp by Norm Architects fills spaces with ambient light, characterized by its tall and tactile shade and slender, graphic frame. The elegant, powder-coated steel base adds an airy expression, creating a beautiful contrast with the pale linen shade. The diffuser projects light in multiple directions, creating a cozy and glare-free ambiance. Equipped with a dimmer switch, this floor lamp brings understated luxury and ease to living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, or bedrooms.

💫 Pendant Light Elegance: The collection's pendant light echoes the column-like shape of the floor and table lamp, featuring a translucent fabric covering that reveals the graphic structure within. Suspended from the ceiling by a textile cord, it spreads ambient light, making it purposeful above a dining table, in a reception area, or a hotel bedroom.

🌙 Hashira Wall Lamp: The Hashira Wall Lamp perfectly balances aesthetics and proportion, simplicity and character. With a translucent fabric shade, available in white linen and raw slub linen, it acts as a diffuser, projecting light in multiple directions while creating a cozy, glare-free ambiance. The tactile fabric enhances the softness of the interior, making it an elegant addition whether mounted alone on a wall or in pairs above a bed or sofa.

In conclusion, the Hashira Collection by Audo, designed by Norm Architects, is a harmonious blend of modern Nordic design and traditional Japanese elegance. From cluster lights to floor lamps, pendants, and wall lamps, each piece brings a sense of understated luxury, ease, and ambient charm to interior spaces, creating a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity.




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