Luang Lamp by Faro Lab

Luang Lamp by Faro Lab

LUANG, a locally manufactured wall light designed by Faro Lab, offers a touch of Southeast Asian inspiration and European lighting sophistication. 💡

🎨 Designer: Faro Lab: Crafted by Faro Lab, the LUANG family of lamps draws inspiration from the art and handcrafted objects made with papyrus and natural fibers in Southeast Asia. The designers at Faro Lab have skillfully translated this influence into a collection of modern lighting solutions that showcase minimalist structures contrasted by free and organic shades.

🌏 Southeast Asian Inspiration: The LUANG family is a tribute to the intricate craftsmanship of Southeast Asia, where art and handcrafted objects made with papyrus and natural fibers result in incredibly formal, poetic, and complex volumetric objects from flat elements. Faro Lab captures this essence, creating a harmonious blend of cultural inspiration and contemporary design.

💡 Versatility in Lighting: LUANG comes in various versions, offering a range of lighting solutions for different spaces:

  • Wall Light: Locally manufactured, the wall light features a minimalist structure that contrasts profoundly with the free and organic appearance of its papyrus shade. The beige shade provides a natural and cozy light, making it an ideal addition to any wall.

  • Table Lamp (LUANG S): The LUANG S table lamp continues the family's design ethos, combining a minimalist structure with a camel-colored papyrus shade. The result is a poetic and complex volumetric object that emits a warm, natural light, perfect for creating a cozy ambiance on tables.

  • Floor Lamp: A modern version of LUANG is available as a floor lamp, offering a unique and elegant lighting solution for various spaces. The combination of minimalist structure and papyrus shade ensures a stylish and warm illumination.

Organic Aesthetics and Minimalist Structure: LUANG stands out for its minimalist structure that starkly contrasts with the free and organic appearance of its papyrus shade. The absence of a structure in the shade allows the light to illuminate the space entirely, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. The beige and camel shades add to the natural, cozy ambiance, making LUANG a statement piece in any room.

🏡 European Lighting Elegance: While inspired by Southeast Asian craftsmanship, LUANG encapsulates European lighting elegance. The modern versions of LUANG, whether as a wall light, table lamp, or floor lamp, seamlessly integrate into contemporary interiors, adding sophistication and style.
Embrace the poetic and complex design of LUANG by Faro Lab, where tradition meets modernity in a dance of light and shadow. Elevate your space with the warm glow and cultural resonance of LUANG, a testament to European lighting at its finest. 💫

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