PH 5/5 Black Pendant Lamp by Louis Poulsen- Luxury Black pendant lamps

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PH 5/5 in Pendant Lamp by Louis Poulsen 💡✨

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Louis Poulsen continues its legacy of exceptional lighting with the PH 5/5 in Pendant Lamp, a masterpiece designed by the visionary Poul Henningsen. Step into a world where illumination meets artistry, where every corner is bathed in the warm glow of Danish design excellence. (Louis Poulsen)

Designer by Poul Henningsen: The highly influential Danish designer, architect, writer, and cultural critic, Poul Henningsen (1894-1967), has had a huge impact on Danish thinking and design. His legacy as the original master of light is an integrated part of Louis Poulsen’s heritage of creating exceptional light. (Louis Poulsen)


Poul Henningsen designed hundreds of lamps based on the three-shade-system he developed in 1926, enabling unequalled lighting quality for all types of needs. Many of his lamp designs include a number that refers to the shade sizes of each particular fixture. The PH 5/5 is described as a ‘whole’ sized pendant, characterized by its appealing compact semblance with the top shade of approximately 50 cm corresponding with the middle and lower shade in the proportions of 3:2:1.

PH’s ‘whole’ sized fixtures are designed to be particularly glare-free and are therefore ideally placed high in a room, where it integrates great quality lighting with a cozy ambiance. The more widely known ‘hybrid’ sizes, on the other hand, are designed to hang low and provide optimum lighting and a warm atmosphere e.g. above a table.

Take, for example, the PH 3/2 with its 30 cm top shade in combination with the proportionally smaller lower shades from the PH 2/2. The ‘whole’ sized fixtures seem rounder than the slightly lighter ‘hybrid’ sizes, making room for a different expression while still being distinctly PH.

In addition to the variation of shade sizes and their definition of the light quality and aesthetic of each fixture, Poul Henningsen’s rational lighting system also takes the materials and surfaces of the lampshades into consideration, in order to direct glare and shadow. In 1929, it combined beautiful and classic materials like copper and opal glass to further cater for lighting needs, ensuring the very highest quality of light.

Today, the light characteristic of Poul Henningsen’s ‘whole’ sized PH 5/5 lifts contemporary interiors with its own special ray of elegant, modern Danish classic in any sizeable room at home, or by taking high-ceilinged commercial spaces like flagship stores, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotel rooms, and lobbies, to new heights.

Why Choose the PH 5/5 in Pendant Lamp? 🌟

  1. Timeless Elegance: Experience the classic elegance of Danish design, perfected over decades by Louis Poulsen and Poul Henningsen.

  2. Superb Lighting Quality: Enjoy glare-free illumination that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

  3. Crafted with Precision: Each PH 5/5 Pendant Lamp is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability.

  4. Versatile Application: Whether in a residential setting or commercial space, the PH 5/5 Pendant Lamp elevates any environment with its sophisticated design and superior lighting capabilities.

Illuminate your space with the timeless beauty and exceptional quality of the PH 5/5 in Pendant Lamp by Louis Poulsen. Let your light shine bright with Danish design excellence. (Louis Poulsen)

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