Pili Collection by A Emotional Light

Pili Collection by A Emotional Light

PILI: Arturo Álvarez's Journey from Glass Experimentation to Creative Illumination 🌈 
     DESIGNER pendant lights from Europe

Designer Profile: Arturo Álvarez 🎨

  • Glass Pioneer: In the early nineties, Arturo Álvarez embarked on an exploration of glass, delving into vitreaux and tiffany techniques.
  • Contemporary Luminary Language: His experiments evolved into the Pili Collection, a contemporary language in luminary design with nods to Art Deco and Art Nouveau.
  • Bauhaus Inspiration: Álvarez's journey takes a transformative turn, drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, leading to innovative and daring luminaire designs.

Evolution of Form and Perspective: A Bauhaus Influence 🏰

  • Early Experimentation: Álvarez's initial foray into glasswork incorporated nods to Art Deco and Art Nouveau, setting the stage for a creative evolution.
  • Bauhaus Reinvention: Over years of exploration, Álvarez reinvents forms, volumes, and perspectives, infusing his designs with the Bauhaus spirit, known for its avant-garde and functional approach.

Pili Pendant Lamp: Single Thread, Random Volumes 🌀

  • Unique Construction: The Pili pendant lamp defies convention, created from a single thread of painted stainless steel that intertwines to form random volumes.
  • Harmonious Irregularity: The intertwining thread weaves a harmonious and enveloping irregularity, infusing the luminaire with charm and mystery.

Handmade in Spain: Craftsmanship Excellence ✋

  • Artisanal Craft: The skein through which light escapes in the Pili Collection is meticulously handmade in Spain, showcasing the excellence of artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Spanish Heritage: The collection proudly represents the rich artistic heritage of Spain, with each piece bearing the mark of handcrafted precision.

Sizes for Visual Impact: Composition Versatility 🌟

  • Versatile Sizes: The Pili Collection is presented in three lamp sizes, allowing for creative compositions with great visual impact.
  • Unique Compositions: The varying sizes enable users to experiment with compositions, creating a captivating visual spectacle in any space.

Creativity Unleashed: White Messy Bubbles for Brainstorming 🧠

  • Whimsical Aesthetics: The lights of the Pili Collection resemble white, messy bubbles, introducing a whimsical and creative element to the luminaire.
  • Ideal for Creative Spaces: Perfect for theaters, art studios, or home offices, Pili lights foster an environment conducive to creative brainstorming and innovative solutions.

Bauhaus Influence in Modern Design: Functionality and Artistic Expression 🎨

  • Avant-Garde Spirit: The Pili Collection reflects the avant-garde spirit of the Bauhaus movement, where functionality and artistic expression converge.
  • Contemporary Interpretation: Álvarez's incorporation of Bauhaus elements brings a modern twist to luminaire design, ensuring each piece is a blend of functionality and artistic flair.

Conclusion: Pili Collection - A Tapestry of Innovation and Bauhaus Inspiration 🌈 In the Pili Collection, Arturo Álvarez weaves a tapestry of innovation, drawing inspiration from his glass experimentation and the transformative influence of the Bauhaus movement. The single-thread construction of the Pili pendant lamp, handmade in Spain, captures the essence of irregularity with charm and mystery. With varying sizes allowing for creative compositions, and lights resembling messy bubbles for brainstorming, Pili is more than a luminaire—it's an artistic expression that reflects Álvarez's journey through design evolution. 💡🌀


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