Ura Collection by A Emotional Light

Ura Collection by A Emotional Light

Ura Collection by 'A Emotional Light,' a mesmerizing ensemble of handmade lamps designed by the visionary artist Arturo Álvarez. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these emotional lights transcend traditional lighting, creating a unique and enchanting ambiance in any space.

🌿 Nature-Inspired Elegance: Arturo Álvarez, the brilliant mind behind the Ura collection, draws inspiration from nature's delicate folds. The lamps are meticulously handcrafted, featuring intricate folds that give rise to shapes reminiscent of the organic world. This nature-inspired design adds an emotional touch to the lighting experience.

🌐 Harmonious Volumes: The Ura lamps, named Ura 1, 2, and 3, beautifully converge to form a harmonious composition. When combined, they create a mesmerizing interplay of volumes, contracting and expanding in a dance of light and shadow. Alone, each lamp radiates a subtle lightness, bringing a touch of ethereal beauty to any environment.

🎨 Painted Stainless Steel Mesh: Crafted from painted stainless steel mesh, the Ura collection boasts a durable and artistic material. The mesh not only enhances the lamps' aesthetic appeal but also contributes to their structural integrity. The lamps are available in four captivating colors: White (B), Beige (BE), Grey (G), and Taupe (T), allowing for versatile combinations to suit any setting.

💡 Modular Freedom: One of the remarkable features of the Ura collection is its combinability. The lamps can be freely combined, offering endless possibilities for creating unique lighting compositions. This modularity empowers users to tailor the arrangement to their specific tastes and spatial requirements.

🏮 Traditional Elegance with a Contemporary Twist: The Ura lamps seamlessly blend traditional lantern aesthetics with a contemporary design language. Resembling traditional paper lanterns, they bring a touch of nostalgia while introducing a modern twist. The simplicity of design is enhanced by the carefully chosen colors, with beige playing a particularly prominent role, evoking a sense of warmth and tranquility.

🌲 Multidisciplinary Spaces: The Ura lamps find their place in diverse environments, from professional workspaces to creative studios. Arturo Álvarez envisions the lamps coexisting with elements like wood and plants in a multidisciplinary space, fostering creativity and productivity. The Ura collection transcends mere illumination; it becomes an integral part of an environment that encourages inspiration. 
Metal Lantern lightsMetal yellow golden lantern lamp light

In conclusion, the Ura Collection by 'A Emotional Light' is not just a series of lamps; it's an emotional journey into the beauty of nature and the artistry of design. Arturo Álvarez has masterfully blended craftsmanship, modular freedom, and emotional aesthetics to create a collection that goes beyond lighting – it's an emotional experience that transforms any space into a haven of enchantment.


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