V Collection by A Emotional Light

V Collection by A Emotional Light

🌟 V Lamp by 'A Emotional Light': Warm Geometry Illuminated
Designer European Hanging Light

Meet the V Lamp, a radiant creation by the ingenious designer Héctor Serrano, embodying a fusion of warm geometry and functional artistry. This floor lamp not only illuminates spaces but also captivates with its spatial form that strikes a harmonious balance between possibility and excitement.

🎨 Perfect Geometry Through Plastic Injection: Héctor Serrano, known for his transformative vision, has designed the V Lamp as a spatial marvel achieved through plastic injection technology. The lamp features slats combined in a geometric dance, immersing us in a dreamlike world. This injection technology allows the creation of a family of luminaires, each piece carefully crafted to add an extraordinary and fantastic touch to any space.

🌈 Handmade Customization: The V floor lamp is a testament to the art of craftsmanship. Handmade with precision, it offers a high level of customization when it comes to color. This personalization adds a unique touch to each lamp, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various design schemes and preferences.

🌍 Global Recognition and Collaboration: Héctor Serrano's prowess in turning daily products into objects of great value has earned him global recognition, with exhibits in renowned museums in London, New York, and Amsterdam. His collaboration with 'A Emotional Light' extends to not only the V Lamp but also includes the Ballet and Woods collections, showcasing the designer's versatile creativity.

💡 Industrial Design Infused with Emotion: V shares a core value with 'A Emotional Light'—it is handmade. The lamp's perfect geometry around the light is meticulously crafted, piece by piece, infusing emotion into an industrial design. Constructed from polycarbonate pieces, a material known for its resilience, durability, and ease of maintenance, the V Lamp stands as a testament to the marriage of functionality and emotion. Available in white, black, and terracotta, it offers customization for large projects in any tone of the RAL color chart, providing endless possibilities for design expression.

🔥 Warmth with Character: The V Lamp not only illuminates but also transforms spaces with its warm and characterful presence. Drawing inspiration from nature, the lamp's color palette, including terracotta, taps into the strength of trend colors. This infusion of warmth not only generates welcoming spaces but also adds vitality and personality to any environment.

In conclusion, the V Lamp by 'A Emotional Light,' designed by Héctor Serrano, transcends the boundaries of traditional lighting. With its warm geometry, customizable features, and the infusion of emotion into industrial design, it stands as a beacon of innovation and artistry, transforming spaces into enchanting realms of light and character.

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