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Bell Pendant Lamp by Moooi

Bell Pendant Lamp by Moooi

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Bell Pendant Lamps by Moooi

Design by Marcel Wanders

‘’Ting!” is the thing, as there is no gathering without loved ones to gather with. The Bell Lamp represents a very early and essential form of communication, generating a welcoming ring that brings people together for festivities and congregations. With a bottle of champaign and a pile of fruits, the table is decked.

Bell Lamp is available in 6 colours and 2 sizes.

Shade - Mouth blown glass in White, transparent or Smoke Colours.
Ceramic bow detail in White or Gold finish

Light Source - Bulb G9 60W MAX, 240V. Dimmable - Mains dimmable with compatible light source. Cable - 400cm, Transparent with tinned cores.

Dimensions in cm- 
Small - Dia 22 x 23 h
Large - Dia 35 x 14 h


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