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CORAÇÃO "POP" 60cm, Blue by Juliarte

CORAÇÃO "POP" 60cm, Blue by Juliarte

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Picture an awe-inspiring larger-than-life heart-shaped sculpture, a tribute to music legends like the Beatles, Queen, and Pink Floyd, envisioned and crafted by a Portuguese artist. This monumental artwork stands tall, resonating with the spirit and soul of iconic musical eras while celebrating the profound impact of these legendary bands.

The sculpture, shaped like a colossal heart, boasts a stunning hue of blue that ranges from serene azure to deep sapphire. This choice of color reflects the depth and emotion encapsulated in the music of these revered bands—a hue that evokes nostalgia, tranquility, and the vastness of musical expression.

Adorning the heart's surface are intricate designs and illustrations inspired by the visual aesthetics and album art of these iconic groups. Perhaps, within the blues, there are celestial scenes reminiscent of Pink Floyd's cosmic themes, vibrant pop art elements reminiscent of The Beatles' vibrant albums, and majestic motifs reflecting Queen's regal presence.

The artist's handcrafted details intricately weave together moments and symbols that pay homage to the essence of each band. From tiny musical notes dancing along the edges to subtle yet recognizable visual cues embedded within the sculpture, every inch tells a story of musical innovation and cultural impact.

As light interacts with the sculpture, the shades of blue come alive, creating a mesmerizing play of shadows and highlights. It's a piece that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the artistry, encouraging reflection on the transformative power of music and its ability to touch the depths of the human spirit.

This heart-shaped tribute sculpture by a Portuguese artist stands as a testament to the timeless influence and legacy of these music legends, inviting admirers to connect with the emotions and memories stirred by the iconic tunes of eras past.

Height 64 cm

Width 64 cm

Depth 15 cm


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